Forest Flashbacks: #NCGovDebate Shows Forest is Too Dangerous for NC

Oct 16, 2020

Friday, October 16, 2020
CONTACT: Liz Doherty

Forest Flashbacks: #NCGovDebate Shows Forest is Too Dangerous for NC

RALEIGH Forest Flashbacks aims to provide a snapshot of Dan Forest’s week in review. Here are the toplines from this week:

#NCGovDebate Shows Cooper is a Strong, Measured Leader; Forest is Too Dangerous for NC

  • On Wednesday, Governor Cooper and Forest faced off in a debate broadcast statewide and sponsored by the North Carolina Association of Broadcasters.
  • Roy Cooper is the clear choice for those who seek a governor who will put partisan politics aside to make the tough decisions based on science and data and keep North Carolina on the path to progress. 
  • Dan Forest, on the other hand, is committed to doubling down on his divisive social agenda and spreading misinformation about the virus to prop up his failing campaign.

“No Plan Dan” on Health Care

  • Forest is on the record for his plan on what he’ll do for people who need access to health care: nothing.
  • Instead of fighting to ensure over half a million North Carolinians, including veterans, families, and those who have lost their health insurance during the pandemic due to job loss, No Plan Dan continues to oppose Medicaid expansion.

Dan “Masks Do Not Work” Forest on COVID

  • Forest once again downplayed the severity of coronavirus and further demonstrated he is far too dangerous to be governor.
  • During the pandemic, Forest has played politics instead of focusing on the health and safety of North Carolinians. Forest has held at least 50 in-person campaign events with no safety precautions, spread dangerous misinformation including “masks don’t work with viruses,” and called to lift the mask mandate and for schools to reopen immediately with no masks or social distancing.

Dan Forest’s Education Plan: Public Schools Last

  • Forest’s priorities for education are clear: rob public schools and allow millionaires to use that money to send their kids to private schools, put students and teachers in harm’s way, and fail to invest in students, teachers, and schools — all while failing to show up to work as a voting member of the State Board of Education.

Dan Forest: Bad for Business, Bad for NC

  • Forest is putting our economy at risk by pretending the pandemic doesn’t exist. He has said he wants to eliminate the mask requirement and fill up the schools no matter what with no safety plan. 
  • It’s not only dangerous, it contributes to the virus’ spread and poses a threat to our economy.

Dan Forest, 2012: “I will be there” for every State Board of Education meeting

  • While running for Lt. Governor in 2012, Forest promised that he would attend every State Board of Education meeting. He has missed nearly half of SBE meetings as Lt. Governor.
  • As Lt. Governor, Forest has missed nearly half of the State Board of Education meetings, 84% of State Board of Community Colleges meetings, over 75% of Military Affairs Commission meetings, and over ⅓ of Senate sessions.

Dan Forest Passes the 50 Mark on Number of Campaign Events Held During Pandemic

  • Dan Forest has held at least 50 in-person campaign events with no masks or social distancing during the pandemic. Many of these events have been held indoors with large crowds.
  • Forest has disregarded science and even shared with the press that his goal is to “shake as many hands as we can” and hold more in-person fundraisers.







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