#NCGovDebate: Dan Forest, Bad for Business, Bad for NC

Oct 14, 2020

Wednesday, October 14, 2020
CONTACT: Liz Doherty

#NCGovDebate: Dan Forest, Bad for Business, Bad for NC

RALEIGH — During tonight’s gubernatorial debate, Dan Forest is talking a big game about how he would strengthen the state’s economy, but voters don’t forget: Forest played a central role in driving business out of the state by championing the disastrous House Bill 2.

Now, he is putting our economy at risk by pretending the pandemic doesn’t exist. He has said he wants to eliminate the mask requirement and fill up the schools no matter what with no safety plan. It’s not only dangerous, it contributes to the virus’ spread and poses a threat to our economy.


  • Forest was an “ardent supporter” of HB2 defending the bill even after accusations that North Carolina was losing millions in revenue from business no longer coming to the state.
  • On September 16th, Forest called to reopen schools immediately with no safety precautions and lift the mask mandate.
  • Forest opposes Medicaid expansion, denying over half a million North Carolinians health care coverage and the state 40,000 new jobs. Researchers estimate that expanding Medicaid would increase the state’s business activity by $11.7 billion in just three years.
  • Instead of focusing on economic growth and job creation, Forest routinely doubles down on promoting his extreme social agenda. For example, Forest told a crowd, “No other nation has survived the diversity and multiculturalism America faces today.” This divisive, inflammatory rhetoric discourages businesses from relocating to North Carolina and hinders growth for businesses already here.
  • Forest got caught running a false campaign advertisement that uses stock images from New York City and Washington DC in an attempt to paint a violent and dishonest picture of Asheville. The Mayor of Asheville quickly denounced the ad, explaining that it “hurts the local businesses in Asheville that depend on tourism by spreading deceptive images and lies.”


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