Reason #3 Dan Forest is Unfit to Be Gov: Spreads Dangerous Misinformation

Oct 31, 2020

Reason #3 Dan Forest is Unfit to Be Gov: Spreads Dangerous Misinformation

RALEIGH — With 3 days left until Election Day, Cooper for NC is highlighting one reason that Dan Forest is unfit to be governor with each remaining day. There’s no shortage of reasons, so note that this list isn’t exhaustive. Find even more reasons Forest is unfit to be governor here.

Reason #3: Forest has repeatedly spread dangerous misinformation about the pandemic, saying “masks don’t work with viruses” and that kids are “17 times” more likely to get the flu than COVID-19. 

Spreading lies about COVID-19 and downplaying its severity constitutes the Forest campaign’s playbook. Here are just a few examples:

  • In April, Forest claimed more people have died from the flu than from COVID-19. Politifact gave this claim a “False” rating.
  • On May 1st, Forest claimed Governor Cooper had “no moral, ethical or rational justification” for extending the state’s Stay At Home order.
  • On May 12th, Forest claimed “there is absolutely no proof” that a lockdown actually prevents COVID-19 deaths.
  • On May 26th, Forest claimed “the curve has always been flat in our state.”
  • On June 5th, Forest claimed “other states opened bars, gyms, and other businesses weeks ago with no negative impact on public health.”
  • On June 29th, in a press conference, Forest falsely claimed that there haven’t been serious COVID outbreaks in K-12 schools.
  • On July 4th, Forest claimed “masks do not work with viruses.” Politifact rated this claim “False.”
  • On September 14th, Forest earned a “Mostly False” rating from Politifact about his repeated claim that “kids are 17 times more likely to have ill effects from the seasonal flu than they are from the coronavirus.”