#NCGovDebate: What To Expect

Oct 14, 2020

Wednesday, October 14, 2020
CONTACT: Liz Doherty

#NCGovDebate: What To Expect

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STATEWIDE Tonight, Governor Roy Cooper and Dan Forest will face off in a debate sponsored by the North Carolina Association of Broadcasters. A livestream of the debate will be available HERE.

Our campaign looks forward to tonight’s event. Here’s what we expect:

A CLEAR CONTRAST: DECISIVE V. DIVISIVE: Tonight’s debate will reinforce the differences between the candidates in the gubernatorial race:

  • Roy Cooper: Roy Cooper is a decisive, measured leader who will continue to make tough decisions based on science and data and fight to keep North Carolinians on the path to progress. In his second term, he’ll continue to fight to expand Medicaid, meaningfully invest in our schools, students, and teachers, and create jobs in both rural and urban parts of the state.
  • Dan Forest: Dan Forest is a divisive, out-of-touch extremist who will continue to double down on his social agenda instead of doing what’s best for North Carolina. Forest is putting politics ahead of science and continues to oppose Medicaid expansion, denying more than half a million North Carolinians health care. He wants to starve public schools of funding in favor of sweeping corporate tax cuts. 

Liz Doherty, spokesperson for Cooper for NC, said, “The choice tonight will be made clear decisive or divisive? In Roy Cooper, North Carolinians have a decisive leader who will put them first. In Dan Forest, they’ll get a guy more interested in pushing his divisive social agenda than doing what is right for North Carolina.”

→ Get the facts about Forest’s failed leadership during the pandemic:


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