Holly Grange Still Hasn’t Endorsed Dan Forest

Mar 09, 2020

Now: 6 days into general election. Holly Grange still hasn’t endorsed Dan Forest.

Friday, March 06, 2020
CONTACT: Liz Doherty

3 Days Into General Election, Holly Grange Still Hasn’t Endorsed Dan Forest

Grange Has No Shortage of Hang-Ups About Forest’s Candidacy. Will She Endorse Him?

RALEIGH — On Tuesday night, Dan Forest beat Holly Grange to win the Republican nomination in the governor’s race — but we still haven’t heard a peep from her about whether she’ll support Forest in the general.

In the days leading up to the primary, Grange did not sugar-coat her concerns about Forest as the Republican nominee. She slammed Forest over his corrupt mega-donor Greg Lindberg, his position on HB 2, and his divisive rhetoric.

So far, some of Grange’s predictions about a Forest candidacy are already proving true: “If he is the nominee, I guarantee you’ll hear about [Lindberg] every day,” Grange said.

Yesterday, news broke that Lindberg, Forest’s biggest donor, was found guilty of bribing a government official. Cooper for NC “came out swinging” against Forest in the general with ‘What’s Dan Hiding?” — a new :30 digital spot and website ( The campaign highlights Forest’s ties to Lindberg.

It’s clear that Holly Grange has more than a couple of hang-ups about Dan Forest as the Republican nominee in this race. Will she put those aside, break her silence, and endorse him? Or, will she sit on the sidelines?



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